Family Law

As families become more complex, so do the issues that they face. At the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings we help you face these obstacles with straightforward advice, and unique and innovative methods.

Many of the people who come to us do not need an adversarial process which can add to the distress of their situation, which is why our office believes in using mediation and negotiation whenever possible. When it is in the best interest of our clients, however, we are strong litigators who can fight for your rights and those of your family.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Child support and spousal support in California are based upon the incomes of both of the parents. A complex set of guidelines will be used to determine the amount of money that the paying parent will pay to the receiving parent. Our office will represent your interests to help insure that your income, as well as that of your former spouse, is accurately reflected, to ensure the proper amount of child support will be obtained.


Our law office is more than capable of representing your needs in a court of law. However, sometimes it is in your and your child’s best interests to try to settle issues with your former spouse outside of court. When a method of communication can be agreed upon, many people can eventually reach a resolution that benefits both parties and meets each individual’s needs. The Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings will assist you throughout your mediation process to pursue your goals.

Custody & Visitation

Our firm has been handling issues of child custody and visitation for many years and understands custody and visitation battles are often frustrating and highly emotionally charged. We take care to tailor your case to you and your child’s specific needs and facts. As certified Family Law Specialists, we are familiar with all state laws regarding child custody and are well suited to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. We can also help you bring or defend a paternity action, enforce custody orders and protect your rights. We use mediation to resolve custody and visitation issues whenever possible, but our goal is always, first and foremost, your best interests and those of your children, so we ardently litigate on your behalf when needed.

Property Division

Property division after a divorce or other dissolution in California is often complex and complicated. Property is separated into two different categories by the court: community property and all other property. Community property consists of all property acquired during the course of a marriage, including pensions, annuities, home equity, and even business goodwill. Our firm is well versed in ensuring that all forms of property are accounted for and will effectively represent your interests to help you achieve the most equitable solution for your situation.

Domestic Violence and Harassment

In certain family law matters issues of harassment may arise. In order to circumvent these matters an issuance of a civil harassment restraining order may be necessary. Due to the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings’ extensive experience in both criminal and family law issues, matters such as harassment that involve a crossover between these two areas of law will be met with diligence and expertise. To learn more about domestic violence or harassment and how our firm may assist you in these matters, please visit the Assault and Domestic Violence segment located under Criminal Law, or by clicking here.

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