Assault and Domestic Violence

Charges for an assault can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. An assault is classified as an attempt to cause bodily injury to someone, whether or not the injury actually occurred . On the misdemeanor level, an assault charge can carry jail time, probation, community service and/or a fine. If an assault is committed with a deadly weapon, the charge may be classified as a felony, causing these penalties to increase exponentially.

Domestic violence is considered a serious crime that includes physical assault, sexual assault and/or stalking between family members, ex-partners or partners. Conviction of a domestic violence charge can include parole, loss of custody, and long jail sentences. When faced with an assault or domestic violence charge, you can depend on the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings to ardently advocate for your rights and utilize meticulous attention to detail in composing your defense.

For more information concerning assaults in the state of California, please refer to Penal Code ยง 240-248, please click here.

For more information about domestic violence, click here.

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