Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a dispute between two individuals or parties that involves the seeking of monetary damages or specific actions as compensation for a lack of contractual performance or civil wrongdoings. The Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings have extensive experience in personal injury, collections and breach of contract matters. Our firm is well versed in both substantive and procedural law, negotiations and advocacy, allowing us to acquire sizable compensation in matters of personal injury and breach of contract, and feasible and agreeable outcomes in matters of collections.

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Are collectors constantly calling your home or contacting you to pay off your debt? Put an end to these aggravating calls today by contacting the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings to help you negotiate your debt. Our firm is skilled at helping clients who are in debt to negotiate with their creditors to reach an agreement that is achievable and agreeable by both parties.

The Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings is also experienced at aggressively representing service providers, business owners, landlords and many others in collecting amounts owed by clients, customers or tenants while complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

To learn more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, please click here.

Personal injury

When you have been inflicted with a personal injury you not only have to deal with pain and suffering, but also the tedious and frustrating process of fighting for the resources and compensation that you require to get your life back on track. Personal injury law encompasses a broad range of claims, including wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, defective products, work injuries, animal bites, and numerous others. When an individual is injured in these types of accidents someone is often legally responsible. Personal Injury Law is designed to protect persons harmed by the imprudent or intentional actions of others and compensate victims who have been injured by such careless acts.

If you have been injured you should recognize that a personal injury action can be a complicated endeavor. It would be wise to consult an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible after any accident that causes injury to you or a loved one.

Serving clients in the Bay area, The Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings provides clients with the attentive and dedicated legal services they deserve and require to pursue compensation for damages. Depending on the circumstances of the case, an injured person can seek damages for physical injury, lost earnings, impairment of future earnings, lifestyle changes, loss of support to loved ones, property damage, and past, present and future medical care and expenses. Our firm is not only well versed in compiling and arguing personal injury cases, but specializes in major life changing injuries and accidents. The Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings have a proven track record of success in personal injury matters and have consistently succeeded in securing tens of millions of dollars for clients.

Breach of Contract

When you enter into a contract with another individual or party, you do so under the premise that you and the other signing party will uphold the agreement within the contract. However, in certain circumstances a breach of contract can occur when one of the signing parties fails to fulfill the duties dictated by the contract terms. This failure to fulfill the contract terms can manifest in three ways:

  • One of the signing parties does not perform as he or she agreed to under the contract terms.
  • One party breaks a promise and makes it clear that he or she no longer intends to perform duties dictated by the contract.
  • One party hinders or makes it impossible for the other signing party to perform the contractual duties.

A breach of contract can be a frustrating, time consuming and confusing process. When approached with experience and legal skill, however, breach of contract damages may be awarded to the non-breaching party. With the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings’ skills and expertise working on your behalf, you may be able to recover compensation from the party that has failed to perform its contractual duties, or defend yourself from having to pay damages in the form of:

  • Consequential Damages – These damages require the breaching party to pay the non-breaching party an amount that would place the non-breaching party in a financial situation that would be comparable to a circumstance in which the contract was never entered.
  • Punitive Damages – These damages are awarded to act as a deterrent to the breaching party from taking the same or a similar course of action in the future. In this case, the courts force the breaching party to compensate the non-breaching party as a punishment for failing to perform their duties.
  • Liquidated Damages – In this scenario, both parties have agreed to a predetermined sum that is included in the original contract, which will be paid to the non-breaching party if one party breaches the contract.
  • Nominal Damages – If the non-breaching party successfully proves a breach of contract by the other party in a court of law, but the breach results in only minimal financial losses, nominal or a small amount of damages will be awarded to the non-breaching party.

Don’t suffer from the wrongdoings and shortcomings of others. If you are involved in a breach of contract, do not hesitate; enlist the Law Offices of Geoffrey W. Rawlings to help you in your matter.

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